NEBC 2013

Although the records may not indicate it, both Chariho 7/8th Grade Teams had successful growth and development during the Narragansett Summer League. A few areas of improvement outlined below:

Defensive Formations and Execution
Offensive Play Sets and their Execution
Presses - Press Break
Time Management
Character Development
Dedication to a team and sport

You can not better your basketball fundamentals in just two games a week - you need to dedicate your time to the sport.

Chariho Green will be playing Chariho White tonight (081811) at 530 at Christefaro Field in Narragansett. The winner will play Coventry's undefeated team of 8th graders.

For all those who'd like to witness what summer basketball is like at its best, I would suggest coming to Christefaro tonight, at a minimum to watch your Chariho teams. You may want to also stick around to see how other towns' basketball teams are extremely competitive.

Thanks to all the kids and their parents for dedicating their time and efforts in helping build out the Chariho Youth Basketball programs. Also - more importantly - thanks to the kids who went to every practice and game regardless of 100 degree heat, other time commitments and sacrificing for the game. The sacrifice made by the kids/parents have definitely made an impression and goes along way with regards to fall AAU, travel and D-League teams coming up. We know it can be a grueling year and summer is exactly what it is...summer... so thanks again.

Regardless of win/loss we are proud of all the kids.

Coaches Bo and Dean
© NEBC - Blue Wave