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Has one of your clients or someone you know been taken advantage of by a scam or a skip, a person(s) who does not want to be located, because of monies owed for services provided, rental goods, witness to an accident , etc.?

Perhaps you or an acquaintance are attempting to locate a birthparent, missing relatives, a person required for a legal proceeding

Usually the first attempt was to use one of the many free programs on the internet, the scenario that usually follows your search is: no results, some results to get you interested, a fee for the remaining information which still may not satisfy you and to top it off you do not get to have a verbal exchange with anyone. At this point you may decide to hire a high price Investigation Agency.

Don’t pay that high price, come directly to the best…………..


We have a stellar reputation for locating missing individuals and client satisfaction. We differ in a significant way from other agencies, the client sets the amount he or she want to spend to reach a point or even complete the investigation at this point the client may stop or continue. There is no hidden cost, due to face to face communications.

There will be no charge if you are not satisfied with our performance.

We specialize in missing persons, but we also do domestic cases. Dean Felicetti works on cases that require electronic forensic investigations, such as computer drive analysis, cell phone read outs , etc. Dean is a partner of the Oliver group based in Stonington,CT which have worked contracts in the England, New York City, Boston and in various cities in the surrounding area.

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